Vacant Title Job in a Tight Labor Market? Cue A Team Relationships!

A real estate talent market as tight as we’re seeing right now is tough on our clients and challenging for us, as well. That said, a recent experience reminded us of the value of our deep and longstanding relationships in the title, escrow and mortgage industries in the LA metro and Orange County.    Our… Read More »

A New Home Building Success Story

A few days after her relocation to the LA area, Mary, a new homes industry veteran, called A Team Staffing.   For four years, Mary had worked for a busy contractor who constructed custom homes and remodeled homes in Northern California. She served as liaison between the field staff and the office. She ensured that… Read More »

Calling All Clients: Escrow Experience! An A Team Success Story

  Gwen, an experienced escrow professional, had only 4 weeks to prepare herself for the family move to California. When her husband received a job transfer to Southern California, the family began preparing for the move and quickly rented a house in Long Beach. With her SoCal location set, Gwen called A Team. She told… Read More »

When’s the last time you googled yourself – as a job-seeker or an employer looking to hire?

    Seriously, how long has it been since you checked out your own – or your company’s –  online footprint?           As a job-seeker, you want to be sure recruiters and prospective employers don’t run into photos, rants, re-posts, tweets or any online content that brings questions, raised eyebrows or… Read More »

An Escrow Officer Hunts for a New Position: An A Team Success Story

Today’s A Team Success Story is the story of Carmen. Carmen was an experienced escrow industry professional who had worked three years as Escrow Manager and Escrow Officer responsible for the desk. Her skills were sharp and she’d been careful to keep them up to date by getting training on new regulations and new requirements.… Read More »

Real Estate Industry Employers: What Can We Expect in Employment Law Changes?

Lexology has a thorough review of what employment law changes could potentially come with the new administration in Washington, and what is likely not to change. The author’s bottom line seems to be what instinct has been telling us – we’ll have to wait and see. Still,  we thought the article might help you think… Read More »

Real Estate Job Search Tips: Cover Letters

  Have we convinced you that one classic real estate job search move can still make all the difference – and move your resume to the “Interview” stack – a customized, well-written cover letter?   Careerbuilder recently published a terrific, concise guide to writing a cover letters that work, titled “Cover Letter 101” . They’ve attached sample… Read More »

Escrow Officer on Emergency Leave! An A Team Success Story

The real estate office manager called in a panic.   The office’s escrow officer had left suddenly on an emergency leave of absence. In a 2-person escrow office this was definitely going to create a backlog of work and delayed closings.  The real estate agents were up in arms, demanding to know how their escrows… Read More »