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New Year, New You

Physical wellness has a direct correlation to a healthy well-being. Try out this new mantra, “New Year, New you.”  Physical wellness doesn’t have to be going to a gym or working out for hours, it can simply be taking a few minutes for yourself. Every one of us has a busy schedule, but think of… Read More »

A Healthy Employee= A Happy Employee

It’s a new year and that means to start off the year with trying something new. Physical wellness has a direct correlation to a healthy well-being and also a healthy well-being in the workplace. A healthy employee= a happy employee. A healthy and happy employee performs better at work which leads the organization to have… Read More »

Who is Interviewing Who Anyways?

It’s been a strange year to say the least when it comes to hiring. Terms such as “ghosting” and “the great recession” have become part of our regular workplace language. We’ve heard from multiple hiring managers that it feels like candidates are interviewing them and not vice versa. While there has always been a premium… Read More »

Looking For a New Career? Temporary Staffing Can Help!

Is your career starting to get dull? Have you thought of taking a temporary job to see what’s out there? If you’ve always had an interest in the real estate industry but didn’t know where to start, here is your chance and we can help! Taking a temporary assignment is not just a “one-day” working… Read More »

Resumes Only Tell Half of the Story- Hire the person, not the paper

If you’ve hired somebody through A Team Staffing, there’s a good chance that Brian, our Sr. Account Manager has said, “hire the person, not the paper.” A Team Staffing firmly believes that a company’s work force is their greatest asset. People report to the office every day to execute the work, create the company culture,… Read More »

Why Now is the Best Time to Apply For Jobs

Get your name out there before the flood comes in. With Federal Unemployment Benefits now expired, more and more people are coming to the realization that they need to start looking for a job. Now is the best time to apply for the position you want.  Competitive Wage Employers are needing solid candidates more than… Read More »

Federal Unemployment Benefits Expired, What Now?

Federal unemployment benefits expired this past Saturday, September 4th, meaning thousands of eligible workers in California are no longer receiving the additional financial support they received during the Covid-19 pandemic. California expects to see about 2.2 million workers losing aid, according to California’s EDD. As a result, we have already seen more applicants come through… Read More »

Tips for Attracting Talent

When it comes to attracting talent, it can get tough for us employers to find the right candidates. We as employers want the best talent out there, but we need to also work for it. Despite 6% unemployment, employers struggle to find the right candidate. Let’s dive in on helpful tips for attracting talent. Sell… Read More »

The Real Ghostbusters

Having your day perfectly planned out with interviews then coming to find out two of your candidates are a no show. You, my good Recruiter, have been “candidate ghosted.” What is “candidate ghosted”?  We have heard the term in the dating world for some time, and that same term is now widely discussed in the… Read More »

Tips for Applying to Jobs on Facebook

When it comes to applying for jobs, there are many avenues nowadays to get your resume seen. Facebook is one of the newest ways to search for jobs and to apply for jobs. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when applying to jobs on Facebook.   Attach a Resume  When you… Read More »