I would like to thank A Team for all of the opportunities you have given me in the last few months. I wouldn’t have discovered my current position so soon without your diligent work and perseverance, even when I was unsure what field I wished to pursue. It’s been an amazing experience and I’m glad to have done it with you. Thank you for your guidance and for providing me opportunities where I was able to learn and grow. To everybone at A Team, I thank you for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Molly, A Team Staffing employee, Escrow Assistant

Thank you, A Team, for providing me with this great opportunity. I really appreciate you guys keeping in touch with me and keeping me in the loop when I needed you. Thank you! I will keep in touch and will make sure to send any referrals that come along.

Marisela, A Team Staffing employee, Escrow Processor

I observed that A Team Staffing is super professional and a very organized company from the moment I walked into the office. It’s been a pleasure working with Brian and Tania for the past 6 months. I’m fortunate to have met you both and will definitely refer anyone in need of work to your office.

Tisha, A Team Staffing employee, Customer Service Representative

Tania and Brian are a valuable resource for our business. They keep their standards very high when it comes to referring temporary employees. Thank you! -County Escrow Manager

Escrow County Manager

Working with A Team Staffing has been such a rewarding experience for me.  I wanted to personally thank A Team Staffing for helping me with finding and maintaining a job this past year.  Everyone at A Team Staffing has been so professional.  Thank you for all you did for me!

Richele, A Team Staffing employee-Customer Service Representative

I just love working with Tania and Brian, and you’re the first call I make when I need staffing help in my offices. You’ve gotten some great people over the years, and I really appreciate all you do!

Chris, Regional Escrow Manager

Thank you for your service,  I truly enjoyed being employed by A team Staffing.  You guys are a great staffing service! Your agency was very prompt, and I  felt  truly cared about.  Thank you for all your efforts on keeping me updated with  reminder on time card, health care, and checking in calls.  Because of the opportunity through your agency,  I have now accepted the offer to be employed directly.  Thank you for the opportunity you have giving me and appreciate everything you’ve done. Definitely  an agency I would recommend.

Minerva, A Team Staffing employee, Purchasing Assistant – New Home Builder

I had never worked through a staffing firm in the escrow profession before. Although I was employed, the company was not a professional one. I sent my resume to A Team; I figured it was worth “a shot”. Within two weeks they called me on a Friday telling me there was a temporary assignment available. I  started work the following Monday and three weeks later the company hired me as a permanent employee.

I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, A Team.

Margaret, A Team Employee, Escrow Officer

My experience at A Team Staffing has truly been a blessing. Tania at the Encino office made me feel so welcomed. I loved interviewing with her. She found an opportunity for me right away. It if wasn’t for Tania and the rest of the team’s hard work, I wouldn’t have the amazing job that I have now! I definitely recommend A Team for employment opportunities. Always so dependable, friendly and helpful!

Nichole, A Team Employee, Administrative Assistant – Escrow

I will continue to refer A Team to anyone I know who is looking for or needing a job. A Team Staffing is a great company to work for. They take great pride in placing their employees with the best companies in the business and they continue to follow up with their employees through their time on the job through the completion of each assignment. I have enjoyed each assignment over the past six years, all the way to recently accepting a permanent position with this last client.

Jeanine, A Team Employee, Commercial Title Assistant