I wanted to take this moment to thank both Brian and Tania for assisting me in locating this position. Without the both of you, I feel that I would still be looking for employment. I truly do appreciate the both of you and the rest of the staff. Take care.

Lauri, A Team Staffing employee, Escrow Receptionist

It is challenging in today’s technology world to find a job in a specific skill set industry such as title/escrow/mortgage. With that said A-Team’s focus within the real estate industry helps those with matching skill sets find the right position. They are responsive, they communicate and more than anything else, they hear you. I have known Brian and Tania for the better part of 10 years and they have been there for me each time I have reached out. My last placement recently resulted in a permanent position that to me is a win, win. They listen to all of your needs, salary, geography, availability and work hard to find the perfect match. In a culture that is e-mail, internet based, these two maintain the human connection.

A Team Staffing employee, Closer, Deborah

I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone at A Team Staffing for the opportunity to work for this company. It is very much appreciated what you have done for me through the process and it was worth the wait. Thank you once again.

Jesse, A Team Staffing employee, Scheduler

I strongly recommend A Team Staffing to anyone that is in need of a career opportunity. I had the pleasure of working with Brian & Tania. They were very helpful in getting me set up, getting me ready for the interview, and got me set up for success. I am truly grateful that I had a great experience. This is a good company to work for and they are very good about answering all of your questions. Thank you A Team!

Maria, A Team Staffing employee, Loan Closer

Thank you a million times over for helping me secure this position, A Team.  None of this would have been made possible for me if it wasn’t for you all.

Ofa, A Team Employee, Marketing Assistant at a Title Company

A Team Staffing is one of the greatest agencies I’ve worked with. Our company has utilized A Team for a number of years now and we still rank them as our top agency because of their quality candidates and customer service. The staff at A Team is always available, professional and great with follow up.

Evelyn, Corporate Recruiter

I appreciate A Team Staffing because of their professionalism, in addition to their proactive outreach efforts and ability to meet our staffing and payroll needs on short notice. Brian is always available by phone or email and is easy to work with and has been diligent in meeting our staffing demands. I can trust A Team to bring on new team members in a timely manner, and more importantly, can trust they will be thorough given all of the regulatory boarding requirements in our industry. A Team communicates in a straight forward manner and they’re always professional with our employees and management team. We look forward to working with A Team Staffing again.

Patty, HR Administrator, Mortgage Brokerage

I would like to thank A Team for all of the opportunities you have given me in the last few months. I wouldn’t have discovered my current position so soon without your diligent work and perseverance, even when I was unsure what field I wished to pursue. It’s been an amazing experience and I’m glad to have done it with you. Thank you for your guidance and for providing me opportunities where I was able to learn and grow. To everybone at A Team, I thank you for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Molly, A Team Staffing employee, Escrow Assistant

Thank you, A Team, for providing me with this great opportunity. I really appreciate you guys keeping in touch with me and keeping me in the loop when I needed you. Thank you! I will keep in touch and will make sure to send any referrals that come along.

Marisela, A Team Staffing employee, Escrow Processor

I observed that A Team Staffing is super professional and a very organized company from the moment I walked into the office. It’s been a pleasure working with Brian and Tania for the past 6 months. I’m fortunate to have met you both and will definitely refer anyone in need of work to your office.

Tisha, A Team Staffing employee, Customer Service Representative