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Top “Do’s” to Zoom Video Conferencing

The working environment is always evolving and in recent months most have found themselves in an entirely new situation, working remotely. For some companies daily and weekly meetings are a necessity. 

To keep in touch with fellow co-workers and hold group meetings, Zoom*, has become the most popular way to hold a video conference call. Even hiring managers are using Zoom to conduct interviews with applicants during the COVID-19 stay at home orders. 

We have compiled a list of useful “Do’s” when it comes to Zoom video conferencing to keep you looking professional whether it be for a job interview or a company meeting. 

Take It For a Test Drive

Interviews can be stressful and to add on to that stress we have to make sure our first impression is perfect, knowing the system before is a lifesaver and will give you peace of mind. Same goes for group meetings with fellow colleagues, it can be daunting already, but let’s add in that your boss drops in to see how everything is going and wants to see a screen you’re talking about, knowing how to share your screen via screen share will be sure to amaze them. Zoom has a basic package for free. Set up a trial run with some friends and see how the meeting controls work before that big interview or meeting.  

Check Your Hardware and Internet

Nothing is more embarrassing than having technical issues when joining a meeting or an interview. Be sure to test your audio and video before you start. It is simple to test and can be done in the settings. Also, having the right bandwidth for meetings is important. There are free internet speed tests online that can check your internet connection. The recommended bandwidth for high quality 1:1 and group video call meetings are 600kbps (upload/download) and 800kbps/ 1.0Mbps (upload/download), respectively. Check out Zoom Support for a full list of system requirements.

Wear Headphones 

Headphones can be a huge help during an interview because the sound quality will be better than using your speakers on your computer. Asking your future employer to repeat themself multiple times can affect you negatively during the interview and make it seem like you’re not paying attention. Also, by wearing headphones it will help if there is a lag in the call and reduce the chance of an echo which can lead to yourself being distracted.    

Look Your Best

It may be tempting to wear comfortable clothes while at home, but if you are planning on having a Zoom interview, do your best and dress to impress (this also goes for normal work meetings)…at least from the waist up (just make sure you don’t have to get up during your call). 

If you’re worried about how you appear on camera Zoom has a “touch up my appearance” setting. You heard that right, it will help blur imperfections and make the skin look brighter which can give you confidence to ace that interview. To turn on this feature log into your account then go to Settings → Video → My Video → Touch Up My Appearance.



*Zoom is not the only way to hold a video conference call, companies are also using similar services like Webex, Skype, Google Duo, and even Facetime.




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