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New Year Means New Laws for 2024

A Team Staffing is committed to our diverse client base; small and large businesses specific to real estate and it’s related counterparts.

Below is an alert of 2024 changes in laws and legislation. Be sure to review the full details to determine whether they apply to your company.

*As always, consult legal counsel for a full understanding of what this can mean for your company.

Minimum wage Increase: CA minimum wage is now $16/hr. While certain counties and jurisdictions may have higher pay rates, the state min. wage has increased.  As something else to note, fast food workers’ minimum wage will increase to $20/hr. beginning April 1st, 2024.  This is something to be mindful of as you hire for entry level roles.

Background checks-Fair Chance Regulations: Criminal history can be a condition of employment, post offer.  An employer may not consider an applicant’s criminal history before making an offer of employment.  Any post offer decision needs to be related to the job and needs to have a direct and adverse relationship with the duties of the job to justify denial.  Advertisements/job postings cannot include statements that suggest the employer will not consider applicants with a criminal history.

Remote Work Business Expenses: Remote workers should be reimbursed for expenses to perform job—phone, internet, computer, office supplies etc.  As a result of Thai vs. IBM, (7/23)


CA sick pay: Under CA’s Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act, employers are now required to provide 5 sick days per year.

Leave of Absence for reproductive loss SB848: For eligible employees, up to 5 days of unpaid reproductive loss leave. Days do not need to be consecutive but must be within 3 months of the RLE. Consult legal counsel for more details.  Information related to your employees and RLE must be kept confidential and shall not be disclosed except for internal personnel or counsel as necessary.

New I9 form: Available and effective starting 11/1/23. Make sure you are using the updated form for any new hires.



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