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An Escrow Officer Hunts for a New Position: An A Team Success Story


Today’s A Team Success Story is the story of Carmen.

Carmen was an experienced escrow industry professional who had worked three years as Escrow Manager and Escrow Officer responsible for the desk. Her skills were sharp and she’d been careful to keep them up to date by getting training on new regulations and new requirements.

We first spoke with Carmen after she’d acted on her decision that she was ready for a new challenge, She had left her position to dedicate her self to a full time job search. The search seemed to be going well; she’d had an interview every other day for two weeks. She was glad to meet us, but certain that one of the interviews would pan out.

Two weeks later, we received a call from Carmen.  The process was taking longer than she had bargained for. She wondered if we could assign her short term in the industry, while she continued her job search.  We immediately interviewed Carmen, finding her to be well qualified, highly professional, and all around “A Team Quality”. Carmen committed to several short term vacation assignments with A Team clients and we were able to line up the assignment dates so that she could complete the full client assignments,  earn a paycheck and continue with her interview process.

And then everybody won, which is what makes this a success story.   A Team’s clients were grateful to have someone so qualified for the short term help.  Carmen said this: “A Team is the best, I can always count on them to know what companies will need help and who to call so that I can be working quickly.” We had a terrific employee helping valued clients meet their client’s demands and meet deadlines during vacation time.


Prologue (of even more success): Eventually, Carmen accepted a long term job and left A Team to start her new position. Two weeks later, after deciding the new position was not the right fit for her and knowing she’d find industry work with us, Carmen again called A Team. She remains on a long term A Team assignment to this day, doing great work for our client and earning rave reviews.






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