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A Satisfied Client Hires and Promotes Entry Level Talent – An A Team Success Story



Sammy called A Team looking for an office job. 

She had recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Now, after a time waitressing at a very busy high end restaurant, she was eager to find that first office position – the job that would bring the experience and skills on which she could build a career.

Although A Team’s recruiters know how much industry clients seek related experience, they quickly recognized that Sammy had the engaging personality, excellent computer skills, hands-on experience keeping demanding clients happy, and well-honed ability to juggle multiple tasks that bring success in the real estate industry. What’s more, A Team’s detailed description of the kind of work available to hard-working newcomers to the real estate industry fit what Sammy liked to do.

Right after the interview, A Team went to work.

Sammy’s first assignment was a temporary front desk position, where she began to gain an understanding of the real estate industry.  While she was skillfully providing the detailed customer service the industry is known for,  acquiring new skills and learning about the industry, her A Team account manager was busy talking with clients. Who might have a long term need for a smart, professional, service-oriented employee eager to learn and ready to find a company she could call home?

The result? Success!

Sammy was a perfect fit for an A Team client using a central processing unit to process overflow work, and searching for top-notch junior employees to learn the ropes in that unit.  As we’d expected, Sammy was a quick study. Right away, the client praised her attention to detail and the innate urgency that drove her to get work done quickly.

Sammy was hired by our client, promoted, and transferred to another growing department all within 6 months.

Sammy is well on her way to a successful career in real estate and our client has gained a dedicated, smart and highly productive employee, thanks to an A Team recruiter’s sharp eye for raw real estate talent.

We call that success!



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