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A New Home Building Success Story

A few days after her relocation to the LA area, Mary, a new homes industry veteran, called A Team Staffing.


For four years, Mary had worked for a busy contractor who constructed custom homes and remodeled homes in Northern California.

She served as liaison between the field staff and the office. She ensured that bids were prepared well and on time, parts ordered promptly, and invoices set up correctly.

When she called A Team, Mary had just settled into her new apartment and was ready to find a place to use her specialized skills in the LA area.  After interviewing Mary, A Team went to work calling our new home builder clients.

Within a week, Mary began an A Team temporary to regular hire assignment with a long term A Team client.   Her attention to detail and keen, experienced understanding of the new homes bid, contract, and invoicing processes helped her quickly learn our client’s systems and processes.

In no time,  Mary became known as a sharp, productive member of the department. Our client hired her as a regular full-time employee based on her excellent performance on a three-month A Team assignment.

At A Team, we couldn’t be more proud that our reputation, our ability to recognize quality industry professionals, and our urgency telling clients about available talent made Mary’s relocation story a rapid win-win-win: success for Mary, success for our client, and another satisfying success story for A Team!



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