Vacant Title Job in a Tight Labor Market? Cue A Team Relationships!

A real estate talent market as tight as we’re seeing right now is tough on our clients and challenging for us, as well. That said, a recent experience reminded us of the value of our deep and longstanding relationships in the title, escrow and mortgage industries in the LA metro and Orange County. 


Our client, a Title Manager, found himself in the worst possible position.


A long term, valuable Title Assistant was approaching the end of his two week notice, with a newly hired, experienced Title Assistant lined up and ready to replace him…


when the new hire accepted a counter offer from her current title employer.


She backed out 4 days before she was scheduled to start a week’s training with the exiting Title Assistant.


We told our client we committed to do our best to find him a experienced Title Assistant, as we also let him know title experience was a tall order in this market. We knew if anyone had the local network to get this done, we did. If there were local title experience out looking for a new opportunity, we knew our relationships would give us the edge to find and recruit it.


Within a day, another A Team client called to let us know she’d given our information to a group of title professionals she’d reluctantly had to lay off as a large project concluded and workload shifted to a different company location. Her call was quickly followed by a call from Shawn, one of the employees she’d referred to us.


You see the success story coming, don’t you?  Fifteen years building productive and trusting relationships in the local title industry paid off for Shawn, our Title Manager, and A Team.


 We interviewed Shawn the same day, conducted a thorough screen of his skills, his experience and his references, and presented him to our client. Two days later, Shawn started training with our Title Manager’s exiting Title Assistant, and he stepped in to cover the position when that employee left at the end of the week.


Six months later, our Title Manager has a star full time regular employee filling that Title Assistant position.


His name is Shawn. And he started work as an A Team temporary employee, jumping in to help a Title Manager in a very tight spot. Our client hired Shawn directly in October.



We call that an A Team success story!