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Applying Escrow and Title Job Skills – An A Team Success Story

We see candidates apply a set of mortgage, escrow and title job skills gained in one position to an entirely different real estate industry function with great success time and time again.


When a real estate job candidate, employee or client refers someone with knowledge of the industry to us, we pride ourselves on our ability to assess the skills needed for success in escrow, mortgage and title jobs and recognize an aptitude for real estate-level client service.


Jean, who had been working on default title desk in an attorney state on the East Coast, is a recent success story.


When Jean called us, she had been living out East for four years, and her husband had just received the news of a new job transfer back to Orange County. While living out East, Jean had applied five years of previous California title industry experience to the default side of the title industry. A friend who worked in the SoCal title industry had recommended she call A Team. Jean followed his advice.


The relocation was to happen quickly. We interviewed Jean on the day she arrived back in California and got right to work. We let her know that finding a default title desk position like the one she had just left behind was highly unlikely. Instead,  we talked with her about how best to market all of  her title skills and experience in the current Southern California market. We were impressed with her natural disposition toward above and beyond client service, and by her good working knowledge of the real estate industry and title documents.


Within a week, we placed Jean in an Executive Assistant position in a large title company office. Our client immediately reported her full satisfaction with Jean’s work. The excellent administrative skills she had honed on a default title desk and her real estate industry knowledge were serving Jean and our client well. She had come up to speed more quickly than expected, and was taking on new responsibilities.


We’re thrilled Jean has joined our catalog of A Team success stories, and she is enjoying learning new skills and welcoming the challenges of her new, many-faceted title position.



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