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Taking a Leap of Faith- An A Team Success Story

A sign saying, " Be proud of how hard you are working."Taking a leap of faith for some, can be easy but for others it can be a complete nightmare. Sometimes we all need is a little push to make a scary decision. With this A Team success story we are going to get to know Nora and share her success story. 

Working 30 hours/week seemed reasonable for Nora because she was comfortable with her routine and she was close to home. But something deep down made her want to start looking for something else. She went online and looked for other similar job opportunities not really thinking she would actually go through with it. One day, she received a call from Brain, at A Team Staffing, with the perfect position for her. On the plus side it was full time with more pay but her commute would be a little longer. 

She was apprehensive and scared to take a leap into the unknown. There was a lot of doubt and Nora was complacent in her current role as an Escrow Assistant in a small brokerage. She spent three years there. How could she be an Assistant at a commercial title company? Brian, saw her potential and promised that he would be there for her every step of the way. Knowing that she could do this; she just needed to jump and take on this new role.

After giving a professional notice, she started on a new adventure working as a temp-to-hire. Three months she embraced the uncharted waters of the large corporate setting compared to her small brokerage. Gaining more experience everyday and took on more responsibility than her previous position. While she was on assignment, Brian would check in with her every couple of weeks to see how everything was going. By the third month, his call was not only to check up, but to give her even more great news. The title company wanted to hire her! 

She was grateful for A Team Staffing and Brian who saw her potential and cared about her future. Above all, she was grateful to take the biggest leap of faith she has ever taken by betting on herself and her potential. 



If you want to try to take a leap of faith and find a new position, we are here for you. Contact Brian Lee at



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