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We Search For Talent So You Don’t Need To

Woman in the middle of a video call interview“Talent” is an elusive non-commodity— Professional sports team owners bet on it, musicians yearn for it, and of course, business leaders are on an eternal quest for talent.

A Team Staffing firmly believes that Talent goes beyond skill. It’s the sparkle in a person’s eye, the tone of their voice, something you detect in the way they carry themselves.  The pool of experienced and available Escrow/Title/Mortgage/Real Estate personnel is very limited—so we are constantly searching for talent and the capability to succeed in each of our “specialty industries.”

How can you predict if someone is going to have “Escrow/Title-common-sense?”… if they’ve never worked in an Escrow office or a hectic Real Estate office?  A Team Staffing can find the employee YOU are looking for!

A Team Staffing interviews to verify skills and recognize talent.

We look for :

Pace/Urgency– All of our specialty industries require people with ’oomph’.  No Slow-Pokes…

Flexibility– ”That’s not in my job description” is a sentence that will never fly in any of our office environments.

Ability to Handle Stress– A few well positioned questions can give us clues as to how the individual will react to an irate client call.

Stability– Work-habit fundamentals are a good predictor of success: punctuality, little or no absenteeism, no job hopping.

Manners– People with good manners are pleasant to work with and can generally promote work-place cooperation.

Ability to Take Direction– It is a gift to be able to accept criticism (even constructive!) and not be defensive.

Quick-Learner– There are often clues in a person’s work history and personal life that point to their ability to listen, process new information and apply it.

Talent isn’t always conveyed on a 1-2 page resume and simply in keywords. Our interview process uncovers potential for the best fit for respective positions and offices, including the specific personalities within those offices.

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