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Tips on Applying to Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be intimidating for some users who don’t utilize it frequently. Many companies add jobs directly through LinkedIn and if you’re looking for a new position, this may be the place you want to start checking. You may think that you need to pay for a premium profile to get a call, but you don’t need to if you follow these helpful tips.

Profile Picture

First things first, when applying to jobs on LinkedIn, the employer/ recruiter will be able to see your profile picture and will be able to look at your profile. Stay professional and post an appropriate photo of yourself that you believe an employer would appreciate. Stay away from family photos or group shots similar to what you may post on other social media sites. A profile picture in poor taste can hinder your chances of moving forward in the interview process, even though you may have a stellar resume.

Contact Information

Always double check and make sure your contact information is correct and up to date on both your profile and your resume.

Update Your Profile

Get your profile updated before applying to jobs. Keep it straightforward just like how you would on your resume. Keep it clean and simple. Start being active on posts in your feed. Your activity will show up in your profile, so keep it professional and positive. Add skills, interest, include organizations you’re in, and volunteer work that you have done. Essentially, your profile is a glorified resume and you can add as much as you want to it- no need to keep it to one page. If the employer is interested in you from the resume you have submitted from the job post, they will look at your profile for more information about yourself.


Going through job posts can be overwhelming and when you see that inviting blue “Easy Apply” button, your heart melts with the possibility of applying to a job with one click. Be careful when you use this option. If your profile is not in tip top shape, this option is NOT the avenue you should be using. Instead, submit a resume. When you use the “Easy Apply” button, it gives the recruiter or employer a snapshot of your profile (which is why we discussed updating in the previous paragraph.)  Having a neglected profile (with out of date information) when using the “Easy Apply” button can lead you to the rejection pile. When in doubt, attach a resume tailored to the job.



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