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How a Staffing Company Will Help Your Business

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Have you considered using a staffing agency like A Team Staffing, to help with your hiring needs? We are specialists in the real estate industry and understand the current job market. Directly hiring new employees can be costly and time consuming if the pool of candidates are not as qualified as you would hope. Here is how hiring a temporary employee will help your business.

Maintain Seasonal Change

Using a staffing agency will assist in getting qualified candidates who do not require training. When hiring directly, you will need to set extra time aside to train them correctly and when it is the busy season, that is extra time not a lot of businesses have. Let our agency do the heavy lifting.

Save Your Money

Time is money, use a staffing agency to assist with finding the right candidate. Let us do the interviewing for you. Letting us find the right candidate for you can save money and time by not putting job advertisements online. A substantial portion of our candidate pool comes through referrals from our clients which allows us to do reference and character checks. Let us collaborate with you on solving your hiring needs.

Temp to Hire

Hiring a temporary employee through a staffing agency as a temp to hire is a great way to see if they are the right fit for your company without having harmful financial ramifications. By hiring the employee as a temporary hire, you can see firsthand how they will interact with co-workers and the overall commitment for the job. If you decide they are the right fit, work with the staffing agency to make the transition.

Help Fill in the Gap

When an employee is out for an extended period of time, call in a temporary employee to assist. Calling in for help will take substantial pressure off your employees who are already busy with their current workload. Having current employees take on additional work, instead of using a temp to help fill in for the absent employee, can cause hostility towards the absent employee upon return because they caused their co-workers to have an additional workload.



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