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Public Speaking: Go from Afraid to Fearless

For some, speaking in public can be nerve racking and even thinking about having to do it can lead you into cold sweats. Fear not, there are a few ways you can tackle this head on and make yourself a better speaker. Not only do these tips below work for public speaking, they are also helpful for when you are doing an interview. 

Record Yourself

Once you have a great speech ready to go, record yourself. Yes, it won’t be the same as actually speaking in public since you are in the comfort of your home, but it will allow you to get your breathing and timing down. Set your phone up and pretend you are standing at the podium or sitting in your office meeting ready to present. Imagine your surroundings and how you would feel being there in that moment. Once you have that acknowledged, start your speech. Once done, replay your speech and take notes. Was there a long enough pause for the question you asked the audience? How was your pace and breathing? Was the inflection during certain sections the way you intended? Make adjustments and do it again. Sense of time can change when you’re nervous. You may think that you took a sip of water for far too long when in fact, it was really quick or that you are speaking too slow and that you should speed up. By recording yourself, you can take a note and remember how you felt and remember that for when you actually do your presentation in front of an audience.   

Practice Makes Perfect 

If you are able to, practice as much as you can. After recording yourself, invite a friend over and do it in front of them. See if they have any comments on the flow of your speech. 

Watch Videos

Do you have a favorite public speaker? What do you like most about this speaker? Is it: the pace? How they look to the audience? How they hold themselves at the podium? Watch their videos online and emulate how they present themselves. You will be amazed how quick you will pick up their mannerisms.



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