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Managing Team Morale

A group of people with their hands inAs we enter into the second quarter of 2022, reports from the first quarter will start to be analyzed to see what can be changed going into the new quarter. Perhaps productivity was slightly lacking in the first quarter. There is one idea that could help increase productivity, and that is managing your team’s morale. Here are a few examples on how to manage team morale which could help increase your office’s productivity. 

Communication is Key

Don’t keep major news from your employees. Be open and ask for the opinions of the employees. Let them know their thoughts count. If you’re not candid about major changes within the company, this can lead your employees to doubt if you have their wellbeing in mind. Send out anonymous polls or comment cards with the subject you are trying rectify.  

Employee Appreciation Days

Letting your employees know you care for them, makes them want to work harder for you. Try doing an employee appreciation day a couple times a quarter. Come up with a few ideas and let them vote on what they would want. This could be a morning pastry bar, coffee day, lunch, or even a small gift card to a grocery store. Remind them they are appreciated. 

Don’t let the appreciation days be limited. Try making a deal with a local masseuse where they can come in for a couple hours and allow your team to sign up for a free 15-minute chair massage. This may come in handy on a stressful month end. 

Team building events

Try coming together as a team and do something to build a strong team bond. When the team works together as a unit, they create a stronger bond and can work cohesively. 

After-hour events

Taking your team out of the office environment may let your employees understand each other better. Choose a place that is close to the office where people can easily swing by and visit. Having this after-hours event may increase morale by letting the whole office feel included.  




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