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Update Your Resume: Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Woman looking at Facebook on her laptopThe year is coming to a close and it could be time to beef up your resume and make sure it’s up to date and ready to go. Here are some helpful tips to make your resume stand out!

Format Format Format

It is really important to make your resume easy to read. Make sure you have section headings and enough white space so your resume doesn’t look overwhelming. Check your spacing in between sections so it is just enough to move the eyes where they know it is going to be a new section.


When you are done making edits to your resume; save it as a PDF and name it appropriately such as your name.


Keep Resume To One Page

Have a lot of years of work experience? Try playing around with the margins of the page so you can get more information on the page, while still making sure it is legible. Cut out irrelevant time periods so your resume looks trim. 

Avoid Elaborate Graphics

Try to not use elaborate graphics (unless that is what your are applying for) in the background or the sides of your resume. Bullet points should just be a standard one. If you use other types, they may not scan well with scanning software that companies use to keep resumes on file and can hurt your chances of getting a call. 

Tailor To Your Industry

Prioritize your experiences to showcase your skills for the job you’re applying for so your future employer knows you are qualified for the job. Leave out past positions that do not have anything to do with your current industry or can tie into the industry you are trying to get into. 

Employment Dates

Be sure to proof the dates of employment in your work history.

Many companies require employment verification as part of the background check process. Inaccurate or incomplete dates can lead to delays or potentially losing out on a job offer.



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