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Ways to Have a Budget Friendly Holiday with Friends and Family

The holiday season is here and that means it’s time to celebrate with your friends and family and enjoy the season. Throwing a holiday party can be fun but expensive. Fear not, just because you’re a host doesn’t mean you have to pay for everything. Here are some fun budget friendly ways to celebrate with each other and enjoy the festive season. 



One way to have a fun festive party is to host a potluck where everyone can bring a dish that means something to them during the holiday. It’s a fun way to try different dishes and it doesn’t break the budget. Just make sure everyone plans ahead on what they are bringing so there is enough to go around and so you don’t whine up with 5 green bean casseroles. Thinking about having a holiday party with your friends? A fun idea for your potluck could be having an international potluck or a holiday tradition potluck! Each person brings a dish that celebrates their individual heritage or holiday tradition. Learn something about other cultures/traditions and it may give you a chance to find something new and delicious to incorporate into your holidays.  


DIY Snowflake or Ornaments

Have a DIY party where guests can bring items to be made into Snowflakes or Ornaments. You will be surprised at how creative people can get. Turn on some holiday tunes, a fun movie, and get crafting. Send a list of items that people can bring to the party like:



-Old Magazines

-Old Fabrics






-Googly Eyes

-Pipe Cleaners

-Cotton Balls



Secret Santa

A great way to give and receive a gift. Set a cap for how much gifts can be and let people draw names who will be attending the party.   


Holiday Bake Off

Everyone can play judge and contestant when holding a Holiday Bake Off. Have your guests bring a home-made dessert to be judged. Everyone can judge the delectable delights by scoring from favorite to least favorite. The winner will get the coveted “Paul Hollywood handshake” and first pick of leftover desserts to take home.  



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