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There are plenty of reasons to hire right now!

Many companies have lost the ability to hire in the current market. “The quality and productivity of the employees doing the job is more important than ever. There’s no room for inefficiency or bad hiring decisions.” says Brian Lee, VP of Client Services. For many escrow, mortgage, and title managers, temporary help is a powerful piece of the cost-controlling, productivity-maximizing arsenal so essential to their success in the current market. Even in this tough market, the world still turns and as a business, you need to stay flexible and think outside of the box. Every moment and every employee counts.

Some longstanding clients call us surprised that they are in need of help in this market. What those clients have discovered is the power of quick reactions and flexibility. A few examples of why you could need our services would be:

  • Employees leave the company for new opportunities
  • Move into jobs created within the same company by reorganization and restructuring.
  • Maternity leaves come up
  • Employees taking vacations
  • Employees fall ill

By choosing A Team Staffing, know you’ll have a qualified, coached, and proven temporary employee who is a valued team member and can jump in and assist where you need them to. There are some excellent people available right now that we’re happy to share their skill-set. Call A Team today to see how we can assist.





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