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What do picking fruit and recruiting talent have to do with one another?

Picking fruitSpring has sprung and we’re again seeing more orders come through the door. Many offices were faced with the difficult decision of downsizing and are now seeing an increase in activity that is likely to continue into the summer months. When you use A Team Staffing’s expert recruiting services, we can help you in finding the best candidate for the job next time you’re in need of hiring. Spring is the season for renewal and growth so let’s grow this analogy. A Tree will be covered in fruit but is it wise to pick low hanging fruit compared to getting help and picking a sweeter fruit higher up in the tree? Curious on what we are talking about? Let A Team Staffing’s expert recruiting help you get choice fruit the next time you’re in need of hiring. 

When hiring managers add job posts to job search sites like Zip Recruiter or Indeed, they are bombarded with job applicants who may or may not be desirable (low hanging fruit). They are easy to come by where you will question the background and history and ultimately spend many hours sorting through the resumes to find candidates to interview.

Let A Team Staffing pick the best fruit for you by going higher up in the tree and getting you the best. Our candidates are found through referrals by other clients, people who we have worked with before (and we know they will do a great job), or found through meeting at industry functions. We will do the work for you and have vetted each candidate to give you the peace of mind when they come to work for you.  

We are not here to throw resumes… we already know you have an inbox of resumes… we are here to help collaborate and assess who will be a good long term fit for your office.



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