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Taking Another Path Can Lead You to a New Beginning- An A Team Success Story

A man on a path that is leading him to two separate directions. Where will he pivot to?We love to highlight the experience of our clients. We say clients (plural) because in every placement A Team makes, we take it seriously. It is our goal for every placement we make, it will be a win-win by providing a service to the hiring manager AND the employee who is going to work.

For years, Jamie worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. He wrote, edited, and produced content for a television network and was making a good living providing for his young family, which includes a 1 year-old daughter. His world was turned upside down in March when all of the studios ceased production. Jamie was able to make ends meet for a little while with savings and the COVID relief package, but as the months passed by, Jamie realized that he needed to be open to a career pivot and started a job search.

Within days, he connected with us and after speaking to Tania and Brian, he was educated on how much his skill set actually transferred to A Team’s niche industries. He now understood that his skills might be transferable to the real estate industry-

Fast paced- ✔️

Demanding clientele with high service expectations- ✔️

Extreme detail- ✔️

Ability to adapt to different systems and computer programs- ✔️

Jamie was ready. Now, he needed a hiring manager willing to give him a chance.

On the hiring manager side: A Team Staffing had been receiving hourly calls for experienced individuals. With the refi and sale activity running at a break-neck pace, experienced individuals were becoming a rare find. Our Client Services Director, Brian, has been speaking to companies about the idea of training…take somebody with the correct traits and “tools of the trade” and mold them into the perfect employee. Brian knew Jamie had the “tools” which he honed over his years in the entertainment industry. An HR manager agreed to meet Jamie and was immediately impressed. Clearly, Jamie would require some training, but we all need to start somewhere.

Fast forward 3 months later, Jamie had been offered and accepted a full-time position and is thankful for the opportunity. A Team Staffing couldn’t be prouder. By opening his own mind and his willingness to make the pivot into a different career, he was able to find a full-time position. Likewise, we credit our hiring managers with the idea of a pivot — thus being willing to train individuals without industry experience.

2020 has been unlike any other year and we have all been forced to find solutions to situations that we never expected. To all of our hiring managers and candidates: be flexible, be open to change. There may be an amazing opportunity or an employee just around the corner!



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