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Wages: How Low Can You Go?

We receive calls from hiring managers with questions like, “How much should I pay for (insert position)?” When asked this question, we often provide a range. There is no set pay rate for any of the positions within our industry, whether it’s a Receptionist or a Branch Manager. In the same way we ask our candidates and employees, hiring managers need to be adaptable and flexible to each individual candidate and their skillset. These are highly unusual times and predictably, unusual market activity is to follow.

We’re hearing stories of companies hiring out of sheer desperation, offering bonuses of $10k-$25k to come aboard. What??!

On the flipside, we’re still hearing from companies that want to pay $15/hr. For employers of 25 or more, this is now the minimum wage in Los Angeles County. Let’s be clear that no matter what county you are in, job seekers expect a bare minimum of $15/hr. No matter what industry you are employed in and regardless of skill set—remember that $4.25/hr. that you had as you entered the workforce? Those days are loonnnng gone and we, as employers, must adjust.

In the real estate industry, which falls under the Financial Services sector, we can safely say that every one of our clients are looking for a baseline of skills when considering an employee:

✓ Customer Service

Basic computer skills

Written and verbal communication skills

Strong attention to detail

✓ A record of 2-3 year of success with these attributes.

Expect to pay at least 20% over minimum wage. If they have a college degree, that rate may increase. All of us see it time and time again that an employee will simply leave or continue to look for a job. Making your retention rates plummet. If you need to start an employee at a rate below the typical market and want them to “prove themselves”, we recommend being prepared to increase the employee’s pay within the first 3-6 months.

It is difficult to be an employer in 2020 and A Team Staffing welcomes you as a partner in the industry. Call us to discuss your individual situation and we can discuss options and a solution that makes sense. Our primary role is to make your job easier.



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