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ABC’s of Quality Temporary Staffing

Scrabble letters scattered on the table with ABC visible to read. As we begin another year, we always think it is important to reflect on both success and areas of improvement. Our industry and the conditions that dictate its staffing needs is ever-changing. Despite that, some basics remain the same. These are the ABC’s of a quality staffing company. Think closely before working with one and ask yourself if they will have your best interests in mind.

“Managers consistently tell me that hiring temporaries became easier when they found A Team Staffing. I was always confident that our screening processes yield a consistent level of quality. But, I did want to make sure I understood why our clients enjoyed our services. I admit, I was surprised when they explained aspects of our service that I took for granted— aspects of our business practices that I believed to be just good business. I came to realize we did a better job because we applied sound business practices to how we ran our staffing company.” – Tania Kelley, A Team founder

Here are the ABC’s you should be looking for in selecting a specialized staffing company.


Always choose a provider who understands what you do each day in your office.

This may seem obvious, but bad service usually starts with a lack of understanding. Have your temporary service providers worked in the Real Estate industry or its related fields of Escrow, Title and Mortgage? Do the questions they ask you indicate a technical understanding of the skills/personal traits necessary to succeed? Good assignments start with technical expertise. 


Back technical knowledge with processes that spot trouble.

Clients told us that they appreciated A Team’s ability to minimize risk in hiring. A professional staffing company should weed out candidates with a propensity for trouble.

Ask these questions:

      • Was an in-person interview conducted?
      • What kinds of tests were administered and did it fit our industry?
      • What was learned from past managers and the individual’s work history?
      • Do they have ‘real’ data on this person’s track record, or just dates of hire? 


Call your peers.

The biggest compliment A Team consistently receives are the referrals from existing clients and employees. When selecting a service, call others you respect in our industry to share and compare notes on service and dependability. Don’t forget to ask employees about their experiences in working for staffing companies!


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