Interviewing Takes Muscle

A Team Staffing believes “Interviewing is like a muscle…the more you exercise it, the more likely you’ll be pleased with the results.” On average, an office manager may do 5-10 interviews per year. Our diet of 10-20 per week increases our odds of spotting trouble before it happens.

Every A Team candidate has endured a rigorous screening process: phone qualifying, in-person interview, aptitude testing, technical knowledge test, background checks as well as individual orientation and coaching. A Team Staffing is always happy to share interviewing ‘exercise’ secrets with our clients.

The A Team Staffing interview is so thorough that we learn about the whole person (i.e. their skills and work ethic). Our goal is to understand why detail is important. We acknowledge that our interview process is a small piece of a big picture.

If you have a staffing need or would like to discuss any hiring challenges, please call us today!