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The Real Ghostbusters

Having your day perfectly planned out with interviews then coming to find out two of your candidates are a no show. You, my good Recruiter, have been “candidate ghosted.”

What is “candidate ghosted”? 

We have heard the term in the dating world for some time, and that same term is now widely discussed in the employment world. Candidate ghosting means you have been in contact with the candidate but when you try to contact them again (i.e. interview or offer), they cut off all communication. Below are some ways to avoid this happening to you.

Why is candidate ghosting becoming more prevalent? Candidate ghosting happens in the job market when there is a labor shortage and because of the times we are in, it has made it common for all companies alike. COVID was a major factor this year with people wanting remote work which limits the number of candidates who are willing and able to work. Many employees had to homeschool which affected the shrinking labor pool.


What Do You Offer

Candidates are looking out for themselves. What do you, as an employer, bring to the table? With the current times, candidates want to know upfront what they are getting into before taking time to interview. Captivate them with what you have to offer, what differentiates you from similar positions. What is your office culture? What do other people in the industry say about you? Understand that in today’s social media-rich world, prospective employees will be looking at your website, LinkedIn posts, and review sites such as Yelp. Make sure your brand reflects your office culture—this is a big one! 


Keep the Interview Process Short and Always Keep in Touch with the Candidate

The interview process for some companies can be lengthy with 3 or 4 total interviews. This can be a turn off for candidates when, again, they may be applying for a similar job somewhere else. It is stressful applying to jobs and to keep coming back for another interview. It will make it appear that you really are not sure and cannot make up your mind and just makes the candidate feel like they are just another body. If they are on site for an interview and you like them, make every effort you can to have them meet leadership, HR or any other decision makers. Remember, candidates are evaluating you just as much as you are evaluating them. Use the time wisely! Sending a signal of uncertainty will have the candidate make it up for you and “candidate ghost” you. Leaving you with trying to find another candidate.

Always keep in touch with them after the interview and set expectations on follow up and follow thru accordingly! If you go outside of your expected time frame, let them know they are still in the running and being considered. You must assume they are speaking with other companies. If you wait too long, they will be gone.

We know that you may be accustomed to wanting to interview 3-5 candidates when you are hiring. Do not be afraid to make an offer to the first candidate.  The chance of losing the “right” candidate increases, the longer the you wait in between candidates.


Be Organized

Organization is key. One little slip up of having to reschedule an interview might trigger a red flag to the candidate and they might not continue in the hiring process. They may be interviewing for two similar jobs and if there is one mistake, they may take the other position.

You may have already offered them the position but did not give them all the details or given details in multiple emails. When it’s time for their first day on the job, they did not show up. They might have had a similar offer with a company who seemed more organized. So instead of showing up on the first day of work for you, they showed up to the other company. Leaving you to open the job and start the hiring process all over again. 


If you are in the search of a new candidate and need assistance with interviewing, A Team Staffing will be happy to assist with your hiring needs. Our meticulous process of recruiting, interviewing, onboarding has been tested. We recognize that hiring managers have deals to close, files to process and clients that need attention. Let A Team Staffing do the heavy lifting when it comes time to your hiring and onboarding.




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