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Tips for Attracting Talent

Interviewer shaking hands with the interviewee. They found the right talent they needed.When it comes to attracting talent, it can get tough for us employers to find the right candidates. We as employers want the best talent out there, but we need to also work for it. Despite 6% unemployment, employers struggle to find the right candidate. Let’s dive in on helpful tips for attracting talent.

Sell Company Culture

What makes you stand out? It’s a candidate’s market which means they know what they want and will easily choose another company over you if they feel that their needs are not met. Ask yourself, “Why should they work for you?” It’s the age of social media. Embrace it. Show off your work culture so they can see how lively your company is and how happy your employees are. By posting more with your current employees, your integrity will increase.  

Stability- Career Growth

Candidates want stability and also an opportunity to move upwards, not lateral. Show them by example. 

Competitive Wage

Offering a competitive wage will set you apart from your competitors and will potentially lead to lower turn over. Showing your candidates that you pay fairly and accurately based on the cost of living will show them that you care about your employees and want to treat them fairly based off of inflation. 

Perks/ Incentives

Everyone loves perks. In the current environment, employees want to have a fair work/ life balance along with a company who cares about their wellbeing. Let them know in the application process what perks are available such as; gym membership or membership discount, wellness programs, nutritionist reimbursement, tuition reimbursement, or even onsite massages. 

Schedules have changed these past couple years, try offering a flexible schedule. By offering a flexible schedule, your employee will be able to manage a better work/ life balance. Shift changes could move from 40 hrs. 5 days a week to 40 hrs. 4 days a week, giving them a day to run errands that could not be done during the weekends. You could even offer split shifts to offer more flexibility to accommodate parents and guardians who have kids. For people who have lengthy commutes or who take public transportation, you may want to offer a free bus pass or partial gas reimbursement. 

This doesn’t just go for new candidates, this also goes for current employees. The key is to retain your employees and by good word of mouth, they may even refer great new talent to you. Offer them a referral bonus. 

Move Quickly

Time kills all deals! It’s a hot candidate market and you will need to present your offer quickly to have a chance. Understand there is a strong likelihood the person that you just interviewed has another offer or interview pending. If you wait, you will lose the candidate. Read more about our onboarding tips.



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