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Why Now is the Best Time to Apply For Jobs

Get your name out there before the flood comes in. With Federal Unemployment Benefits now expired, more and more people are coming to the realization that they need to start looking for a job. Now is the best time to apply for the position you want. 

Competitive Wage

Employers are needing solid candidates more than ever and they will pay a competitive wage to get those right candidates. A Team Staffing can help be your professional resource and assist you in getting the right position for the right price.

Be The First

Get in front of the line and submit your resume now. Since the Federal Unemployment Benefit recently expired, you still have the upper hand to the wave of job seekers looking for a position. This doesn’t just go for job seekers who have been unemployed, this also goes for job seekers who accepted work during the pandemic and are now re-evaluating their career decisions and life choices. Since you’re looking for a job now, that means your resume is ready to go. People who have just started thinking about looking for a new job still have to update and polish their resume. 

With A Team Staffing, we can help find the right company and the right position for you. By working a temporary position, it will help keep your resume from showing gaps which hiring managers are now looking at. Let us help you find the right place to work in the real estate industry. 



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