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Resumes Only Tell Half of the Story- Hire the person, not the paper

If you’ve hired somebody through A Team Staffing, there’s a good chance that Brian, our Sr. Account Manager has said, “hire the person, not the paper.”

A Team Staffing firmly believes that a company’s work force is their greatest asset. People report to the office every day to execute the work, create the company culture, and provide a service to their clients. As a hiring manager, it is easy to distill an individual down to a few key words on a resume. Try to avoid this pitfall and remember to “hire the person and not the paper”. 

  • Look for similar tools/traits/experiences that give you reason to believe the individual will be successful and flourish in your environment. Even though they worked in the industry before does not mean that they are cut out for the industry going forward. 
  • During the interview, ask your candidate direct questions that correlate with the job at hand instead of generic interview questions to find out if they are the right fit. Keep them on their toes with “out of the box” questions to see who they truly are. They may have been practicing how to answer the common interview questions. 
  • Imagine them being hired based on the interview, can you see them being the right fit with your company culture? Do they live up to the company’s mission statement by how they represented themselves at the interview? Their resume might not be great, but their personality and eagerness to learn and adapt to new processes may be the reason why you want to hire them. Create rapport and determine if the candidate is engaging (if relevant to the position). 
  • Another idea is taking the candidate out of the office and give them a tour around the building- showing them the company culture. Do they look intrigued? How do they act around the employees you introduce to them? 

Interviewing takes practice. A Team Staffing can screen and attract candidates to fit your needs. To learn how we may be able assist in filling your staffing need please call A Team Staffing today!



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