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Laying Off? We Can Help with That!

The Southern California real estate industry has been experiencing record activity over the past couple years during the pandemic. But, we are starting to see things come back down to Earth due in large part to interest rates. According to C.A.R., interest rates have increased 2.9% from August to September. We can presume this will present an overall decline in transaction volume due to factors including: refi activity, inventory, and housing prices. Which can effect sales and traditional seasonality of the market.

What does this mean for the industry and the offices that we support? We’re seeing a slight leveling off of activity as we head into the holiday season. We expect companies may look to make staff reductions because of it. But on the other hand, offices may still feel the pinch of needing extra help on-hand. We understand that a contingent/temporary work force is part of many of your business plans. This contingent work force may result in temporary staff or a need to reduce staff due to volume or revenue. Temporary staffing can allow a manager the flexibility to release or hire based on fluctuating business volume.

Conversely, we know that it can be very painful to ’let go’ of someone you knew to be a good contributor. Please consider referring us as an option to assist when you need to have that difficult conversation. A Team Staffing can play an important role in finding talented people for our Real Estate, Escrow, Title, and Mortgage clients, but we’ve also been there to serve as a knowledgeable outplacement service for displaced workers. We can be a resource for both hiring managers and job seekers alike and take pride in being a trusted industry resource. Call us today to see how we can assist you in your staffing needs.




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