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Who is Interviewing Who Anyways?

It’s been a strange year to say the least when it comes to hiring. Terms such as “ghosting” and “the great recession” have become part of our regular workplace language. We’ve heard from multiple hiring managers that it feels like candidates are interviewing them and not vice versa. While there has always been a premium on quality hires and reliable help, we agree that this year has definitely been the year of the candidate! So what is an employer to do?

Room for growth, both professional and financial

Candidates want to know what’s in it for them. Do you offer opportunities for commission, incentives, bonuses, and moving up within the company? If you don’t, somebody else is and you will likely lose the candidate! Regarding wages, remember, what was competitive a couple years ago has changed in this market. Be flexible to update your thinking to account for that.

Be quick and decisive

In a scarce candidate market, you can bet that other companies are seeking a similar personnel profile as you. Between the various job boards and websites that applicants now have, they are likely being courted by other companies…or possibly, their resume is simply sitting in an inbox waiting to be clicked on. If you get the opportunity to meet with a potential candidate, be prepared to make a strong offer. Waiting for multiple resumes or interviews just to say you met 2-3 candidates takes time. Please don’t get us wrong…we are not suggesting that you make a rash decision, but we do encourage you to be decisive and understand that a better candidate may not come along in the immediate future.

What differentiates your company?

Be prepared to have a short presentation on your company, talk about it’s selling points (ability to collect notary fees, remote or flexible schedules, excellent benefits, family-oriented environment, use of technology, etc.).

It remains to be seen how long these market conditions will last. These last couple of years have proven that markets can shift quickly and that we can be resilient and move with the changing times as seen by the influx of remote opportunities. As your staffing provider, A Team Staffing will continue to maintain the pulse of the real estate industry’s staffing needs. Call us today to discuss how we may be able to assist.



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