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Looking For a New Career? Temporary Staffing Can Help!

Woman looking at Facebook on her laptopIs your career starting to get dull? Have you thought of taking a temporary job to see what’s out there? If you’ve always had an interest in the real estate industry but didn’t know where to start, here is your chance and we can help!

Taking a temporary assignment is not just a “one-day” working opportunity, there are so many options available and can lead to a direct hire opportunity with the company you have been staffing with. Here are some great reasons to work a temporary position so you can find a new career:

  • A temporary assignment could become something more permanent. We know you have a great work ethic along with an engaging personality. Use your time while on assignment as a working interview to show off your skills and assets to the company you are temping for. It may lead to an extension of the assignment or long-term opportunity.
  • You can learn new skills. Working at different temporary assignments can grow your knowledge about all the different software or systems each company uses which you can add to your resume.
  • Sample the industry. A Team Staffing specializes in the real estate industry and the roles that support it. Call A Team Staffing to discuss the various options that your background may be a fit for.
  • Continue your journey down your career path. You loved working in real estate but decided to step away for a while but now you want to get back into it. That is why we are here. Our agency specializes in the real estate industry and can get you back into the industry you want to be in.



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