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Job pool… or Job Puddle?

Rock thrown in pool of water and turns out to be a puddle.According to the U.S. bureau of labor statistics, job opportunities rose 431,000 in March 2022, and the unemployment rate declined to 3.6 percent. With the number of jobs increasing and unemployment rates decreasing, you may be asking yourself, “Why is it still difficult finding a quality candidate?” The job pool may look appealing but in reality it is looking more like a job puddle. 

Companies are seeing an uptick in applications which means there may be an abundance of candidates out there. This is amazing news, but when you start looking at the resumes, they are not qualified.  Many people chose to pivot to a new job profession the past couple of years, which is great but also high risk for employers who need to hire but end up having not having the quality employee they need.

Stop spending money on hiring unfit candidates who will not be qualified and will end up resigning. Let A Team Staffing do the heavy lifting. Being in the real estate staffing business for twenty years, we understand how important it is to hire the right candidate and have them be an asset to the company. Working in the real estate industry and its related fields have helped us understand what a hiring manager needs. We will find the right talent without the hiring manager wasting valuable time interview after interview in search for one. Give us a call and let us help find you the right employee. 




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