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Now Is The Perfect Time To Hire

If you got past the headline of this article, you probably did a double-take. Orders and closings are down and monthly revenue is likely down from the historic highs that we have experienced. “Why on earth would NOW be the perfect time to hire?” The answer is simple, you have the opportunity to make your office and your unit stronger!

We’re now seeing experienced talent making themselves available…candidates that we would have never seen only 6 months ago. Offices and units now have an opportunity to prepare themselves for future growth by “leveling up” their office personnel. We all know that the real estate industry is cyclical. While we don’t know the exact timing, we are confident that the market and our resilient workforce will recover.

We understand that hiring of any kind may be a challenge in your office and would be happy to discuss your individual situations to see how we can help. We also understand that until the market recovers, you may be forced to reduce your workforce. If you are in the difficult position, consider us as a resource for your employee. Kindly refer them to A Team Staffing so we can assist them re-entering the workforce. During our 20 years in business, serving our clients and our candidates in the real estate community, we have helped over 4,200 people find jobs. Your employees will be in good hands.

A Team Staffing will continue to partner with you during these times. Call us to discuss your office needs or your wish-list. There is a very good chance that we may be able to help!



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