How to Captivate and Retain Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials are a generation not like any other. They grew up alongside the digital age and have different expectations of their work lives compared to generations before them. As a staffing company we needed to pivot and change how we recruit so we can attract all talents for our clients. We must not only look at how to attract talent but also ways to retain millennials in the workplace and preserve their loyalty through this great resignation period. Here are ideas on how to captivate and retain millennials in the workplace. 


Improve Internal Communications

Millennials are accustomed to continuous communication through various avenues like texting, tweeting, FaceTiming, Snapchating, etc. To mimic this and get real-time communication throughout a department, try using a group chat feature like Microsoft Teams. Create a weekly email where they can be engaged in the many aspects of the business. Reassure them that they are part of the team and give feedback. 


Build Trust

Millennials are the workers that want to not just work for a paycheck but for a company that has the same core values as they do. By implementing a high-trust culture, they are likely to want to stay and work long term.


Implement Advocacy Programs

Social Media has grown and will continue to grow. Stay ahead of the game and use your employees as advocates so your company can continue to grow! Create an employee brand ambassador program and reward your employees for posting positive views about the company, why they love working for the company, or why people should be using your company.  



Millennials are a digital generation and grew up on the internet and feel comfortable using it. Millennials spend a lot of free time on their smartphones and expect to have access to work-related tasks from their mobile device as well. If there are programs that make collaboration easier and can enhance productivity, then millennials will likely be more eager to stay.