At A Team, our mission is great service.

We give consistently great service to our clients and candidates. Here’s how we do it:

Focus on real estate-related staffing.

We focus exclusively on real estate-related jobs in Southern California. We can’t give great service to everybody everywhere. So we don’t try. 

Industry Knowledge.

Every member of our team has worked in a real estate-related business. We meet our clients. We interview every candidate. We ask a lot of questions and we listen very carefully. 

Personal Relationships.

We form a relationship based on knowledge, respect, trust and commitment with every client and every candidate. 


We embrace best practices in every facet of our business. We set those practices on a foundation of unwavering integrity. If it doesn’t look right, seem right or feel right, we don’t do it. 

Sense of urgency.

When you call us as a client, we know you need a job done now. When you call as a candidate, we know you want a new job now. You never have to tell us it’s urgent or important. 


We are board members, members, or affiliates of many industry groups, and each member of our team attends one or more industry meetings each month.