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How to Approach the Weakness Question

Woman sitting in an interview with 2 peopleInterviewing for a new position can be stressful and also emotionally exhausting. When getting asked the classic interview questions, there is always one that catches the interviewee off guard. Any guesses what that could be? Yup, “What is your greatest weakness?” Let’s dive in and go through ways on how to approach the weakness question. So next time you get asked this question, you can answer it with confidence!

Approach the answer in a way that furthers you rather than losing ground. Hiring Managers do not want this question to catch you off guard and to see you sweat; they want to see how you handle difficulty on the job and how you get through this. 

Sticking to these steps can help you form the perfect answer to the dreaded weakness question.

Step 1: Select a weakness that will show how you will succeed in this new position.

Step 2: Don’t make up a fake weakness, dig down deep and be honest.

Step 3: Show how you are aware and are improving on your weakness and how you are utilizing resources for the necessary growth.

Step 4: Stay positive and refrain from looking pretentious.

Once you figure out a few weaknesses and how you are improving or utilizing resources to grow, practice saying them out loud. The more you say it out loud the more comfortable you will feel talking about it during your interview.  



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