Don’t Let “The One” Slip Through Your Fingers

Making a deal for a job and shaking handsWe have spoken about real estate slowdown that can eventually lead to needing to let people go for the sake of staying out of the red until the downturn turns right-side up again. We also have spoken about the great resignation and having employees leave for a different opportunity. We have also spoken about why now is the perfect time to hire. Yes- you read that right. Let’s talk more about this and how we can help get you the right candidates and not let “the one” slip through your fingers.

It is a hot labor market and there is something that we can do to give you a critical edge on hiring these potential new employees- speed. Don’t hesitate when it comes to finding “the one”.

When going through a hiring process, there are ways where you can potentially lose your candidate: too long reaching out or a lengthy time between interviews. Believe it or not, candidates have an expiration date.

In-demand talent is available, don’t let them go bad. That is why we are here. Time is precious and you don’t want to risk losing the right candidate because of a slip in not emailing or calling fast enough. That is where we come in. With 20 years of experience, we know a thing or two about getting you the right candidate and making sure they do not slip through your fingers.

On average, Officer managers may do 5-10 per year. By doing so few per year, they may not ask the right questions or pick up on queues that could potentially lead to trouble down the road. We hold 10-20 interviews per week and can quickly pick up any red flags; making sure when you call us for assistance, we have the right person you need. A flexible staffing workforce can optimize your business. Once the market comes back you can officially offer a permanent role to your temporary staff and create the perfect team.