Brian and Tania are amazing!

Tania appears to be the gateway to A Team Staffing, vetting applicants/candidates. She has extensive experience in the Southern California real estate market place and has a great knowledge of the history of a significant amount of high level executives that she has worked with over the years. It was refreshing talking to someone that understands the constant changes or turnover of real estate executives and brokerages in SoCal.

Brian stepped in to create some magic with his matchmaking experience looking for the perfect opportunity and to make sure that I wasn’t under valuing my experience during a tough employment period where unemployment was/is at an all time high during a world wide pandemic. He’s a great career counselor and will talk honestly with you about opportunities.

It took Brian and Tania no longer than 3 weeks to find my dream opportunity. Thankfully, a company that has worked with Brian in the past and values their professional relationship came to him with a position that he immediately called me about. During the second interview I was offered the position onsite.

I can’t begin to thank Brian and Tania enough for their time and support!