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More Good Advice on Job Searching – and Getting the Interview

In an article titled “Job Hunting in the Digital Age” in this morning’s New York Times, recruiters, a VP at Indeed and a job hunter who learned lessons the hard way offer up some good advice for job hunters – advice that’s very relevant to job seekers in escrow, title and mortgage. The advice is spot-on: make sure your resume (and cover letter, yes, cover letter) make your marketable skills jump off the page (RBJ? TRID? HUD statements?) and don’t conduct all of your search with nameless bots at job boards. Reach out to humans!

Here’s what the now happily employed job seeker responds when asked for his biggest job search lesson:

“Talk to people and not to a résumé website,” he said. “You would be surprised how receptive people are when you just email them or message them on LinkedIn and just ask for help.”

Read the whole Times article here, and read more A Team job search tips or title, escrow and mortgage resume advice by following the links in this sentence or checking out the Job Seeker category in the right column.

We wish you successful job hunting, and remind you that we’re always happy to form part of real estate-related job seekers’ networks. If you’re wondering who to talk to, what’s going on in the real estate job market, and how you might get your job hunt moving along more quickly, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call in the office at (818) 668-8392.




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