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The 5 Most Common Jobseeker Mistakes




Careerbuilder just released the results of an intriguing new survey – and the results hold more good advice about how to make yourself stand out as a jobseeker.


More than 3000 jobseekers were asked about the steps they take during a job search, including customizing resumes for different jobs and employers, writing cover letters, following up with managers, and sending thank you notes after interviews. (Editorial comment: A Team recommends all of those steps in the real estate job searching world. As old-fashioned and formal as they may sound to you, we’ve seen those small details make the difference between receiving an offer and missing out to another candidate more times than we can count.)

The survey found that many job seekers were making the mistake of skipping these essential steps – and weakening their chances at landing the jobs they applied for as a result.

  • 54% of job seekers surveyed don’t customize their resumes for the job and manager at hand
  • 45% don’t bother to send a cover letter
  • 57% don’t send thank you notes after interviews.

Read all of the survey results here and check out a slide show of the results here.


Our advice when applying for real estate-related jobs? Do everything you can do to put your best self forward when you’re searching for a job. Hiring managers and HR professionals in title, escrow and mortgage companies are people, just like you and me. Show them your sincere interest in their open position, and your good manners – by attending to the details.  Wouldn’t you rather hire the candidate who showed interest, effort, professionalism and friendly good manners?




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