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Laying Off? We Can Help!

Our industry continues to have it’s highs and lows. We understand that a contingent work force is part of many of our client’s business plan. This contingent work force may result in temporary staff or a need to reduce their work force due to volume. It is very painful to ’let go’ of someone you knew to be a good contributor. Conversely, layoffs can be a natural part of ‘trimming dead wood’ and allow a manager the flexibility to release low performers. A Team Staffing plays an important role in finding talented people for our Real Estate, Escrow, Title, and Mortgage clients, but we’ve also been there to serve as a knowledgeable outplacement service for displaced workers. Please consider us as a resource you can trust to refer exiting employees.

Finding a job is a job: experienced knowledgeable people have great skills, but interviewing and job searching are usually not among them! A Team Staffing can give a candidate expert guidance in resume preparation, interviewing techniques and researching perspective employers. The techniques we use to prepare a candidate for an assignment serves them well in a job search. Additionally, candidates never get feedback on why they didn’t get a job. Our honesty and candor with candidates gives them feedback they can use.



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